What Is Kinesiology And How Does It Work?

What Is kinesiology

Kinesiology (or human kinetics) can be broadly defined as the study of human movement. This covers a wide range of subtopics, such as motor development throughout different stages of life, athletic training, physical rehabilitation following an injury, and many more. The British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK) offers a more detailed definition of kinesiology, which […]

How Personal Trainers Keep You Accountable

Working with a Personal Trainer to Get Fitness Accountability We all know the benefits of exercise. From better sleep, to improved mood, to the many benefits of being at a healthy weight, there are countless reasons to get serious about fitness. However, for many of us it can be hard to stay on track in […]

What Can Kinesiology Help With?

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What is Kinesiology Good For? Have you heard of kinesiology and wondered if it was something you needed? Look no further as this post will describe what kinesiology can help with and if it is a fit for you!  Kinesiology can help with a variety of things, including rehabilitating injuries that may have occurred from […]

Massage Versus Physiotherapy

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Let’s Talk Massage Versus Physiotherapy Are you unsure of what treatment modality would work best for you? Are you thinking of participating in massage therapy or physiotherapy to manage chronic pain or to recover from an injury? You may be wondering what the difference is between massage therapy and physiotherapy and if there are similarities. […]