Why Kinesiology Helps You Recover from a Car Injury

Why Kinesiology Helps You Recover from a Car Injury | Nova Active Rehab

Did you know that in 2019 alone, there were over 100 thousand car crashes leading to serious injury in Canada? From serious accidents to minor fender benders, collisions happen every day. One thing that all car accidents have in common, however, is a very serious risk of injury for anyone involved. If you’ve suffered an […]

Stages of Healing of a Soft Tissue Injury

Stages of Healing

Soft Tissue Injury Healing What is Soft Tissue? Soft tissues are any of a variety of tissues that support, connect, or surround other structures in the human body, and that are not rigid like bone. There are many types of soft tissues, such as fat, muscle, fibrous tissue (tendons, ligaments, fascia), synovial tissue (found at […]

What Happens if I Can’t Go Back to Work After an Accident? Vocational Rehab Explained

Vocational Rehab

Vocational Rehab What is Vocational Rehabilitation? Vocational rehabilitation (or vocational rehab) is defined as a process which enables persons with functional, psychological, developmental, cognitive and emotional impairments or health disabilities to overcome barriers to accessing, maintaining or returning to employment or other useful occupation. People who have suffered a brain injury from a car accident […]

10 Tips For Recovering From Car Accident Injuries

Tips for recovering from car accident injuries

Recovering From Car Accident Injuries? If you are recovering from car accident injuries, it’s important that you take the appropriate steps to recover quickly. Too often I see patients whose recovery has been drawn out needlessly over several years due to lack of knowledge on the recovery process! I’ve put together a list of ten […]