Adjusting Your Headrest Could Save You

Adjusting your Headrest

Vehicle Headrest I’m sure that you drive around in your car or truck all the time, but just how comfortable is the headrest? And what about the headrests for your passengers? Comfort is important but there are also other reasons why you need to have a properly adjusted headrest. Once you get into your vehicle, […]

Teens Behind the Wheel

Teenage Driving

Teen Driving Many of us do not think about driving, in fact, we don’t even think about it at all. It’s just something we do almost every day, something we do on a regular basis, and really, do not give it a second thought. But after doing some research, there is an important pause to […]

The Issues with Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Sign

Drunk Driving & Accidents Everyone knows that drunk driving is a problem.  Driving after drinking is deadly. If you drive while impaired, you could get arrested or worse—be involved in a traffic crash that causes serious injury such as a brain injury or death. Also called driving under the influence (DUI), drunk driving is the […]

The Future of Driving

Future of Driving

The Future of Driving Where is the future of driving going? This article explains many of the changes that are coming to driving and transportation. The Current Situation The world has a variety of car producers, who make all different kinds of cars. There is much speculation about where this is headed in the future […]