Kinesiologist demonstrates chair lower back stretches

Chair Lower Back Stretches


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Take A Break To Perform Some Chair Lower Back Stretches

Sitting for eight hours each day at work can be torture for someone with lower back pain. It’s important to stretch your back frequently even while at work. I have put together a video of lower back stretches that you can perform in an office chair. These stretches will ease your sore back.

Stretching Tips:

When you stretch, remember to move to a position where you feel a gentle pull. Don’t stretch as far if you feel any pain. Aim to hold each stretch for 30 seconds. Perform these lower back stretches several times per day at work and at home to get pain relief. Click to learn how to stretch your neck.

Standing Breaks:

Taking regular standing breaks every 30 minutes at work will help ease your back soreness during your work day. I recommend going for a 15 to 30 minute walk on your lunch break to help loosen your back. It is a good idea to discuss with your doctor any unusual back symptoms you may be experiencing. Avoid activities that increase your pain.