How Personal Trainers Keep You Accountable


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Working with a Personal Trainer to Get Fitness Accountability

We all know the benefits of exercise. From better sleep, to improved mood, to the many benefits of being at a healthy weight, there are countless reasons to get serious about fitness. However, for many of us it can be hard to stay on track in the long-term. You might feel motivated to start, but it can be tough to sustain that drive through weeks, months, or years of hard work. So how do you ensure you’re consistently showing up and putting in the effort? One of the best ways to stay on track with your fitness is through a personal trainer. At Nova Active Rehab, our Personal Trainers are kinesiologists.

What does a personal trainer do?

Personal trainer with smiling client

A personal trainer is someone who works with clients to help them in all aspects of their fitness journey. You can count on your fitness trainer for a few key services, including:

  • Custom fitness plans. It can be overwhelming when you’re just getting started with fitness. How do you know what exercises are best for you? How often should you be working out? A personal trainer will put together a fitness roadmap, tailored specially for each client’s specific goals and needs.
  • Showing you the ropes. We’ve all been that person who’s completely new to the gym or strength training. You’ve got the motivation and the willpower to get fit, but you’re simply not sure how to begin. A trainer will help fill the gaps in your knowledge, and get you confident with using all the equipment you need.
  • Education. Sometime around your third set of a difficult exercise, questions might start to arise in your mind. ‘Why am I doing this?’ ‘Is this even helping?’ A trainer uses their extensive knowledge of fitness and the body to help you understand how each exercise benefits you. Not only does this give you the motivation to finish that set, but it also gives you the knowledge you need to take fitness into your own hands in the future.

These are some of the benefits of working with a fitness coach, trainer or kinesiologist, and they can be an amazing help for anyone looking to take fitness to the next level. But even then, there’s something personal trainers provide that you can’t get anywhere else: accountability.

How personal trainers keep you accountable

We all have days where we’d much rather sleep in an extra hour than go to the gym, or else do a half-hearted session and leave without really pushing our limits. And while it’s alright to take it easy once in a while, too often does one day off become one week off, and before you know it you’ve lost all the momentum you worked so hard to build up.

Accountability is one of the best tools for people looking to improve their fitness long-term. Many people who start out at the gym do so because they feel motivated. However, motivation can be fleeting, and that’s when accountability becomes important. A huge amount of people who stop exercising regularly do so because they don’t have someone to hold them accountable to their goals. Maybe the results aren’t coming as quickly as you hoped, perhaps the gym doesn’t feel like a good use of your time when life gets in the way, or you might simply not be feeling it. Whatever the case, personal trainers can help give you the extra push you need by keeping you accountable. Here’s how:

  • You can count on your trainer being ready to go for each appointment. Unlike a gym buddy, (whom you might be able to convince into taking a day off with you) personal trainers show up ready to work every single day. You’re a lot less likely to hit snooze if you know your trainer is waiting for you!
  • You’ll want to make the most of your investment. Fitness coaches and trainers are professionals, and usually require payment for a set amount of sessions up front. This means you’ll have already spent money on your fitness when you pay your trainer, which is a great motivator to make the best possible use of your investment.
  • Your trainer will make sure you’re staying on track at home and at the gym. Although you’ll see faster results working with a fitness professional, you’ll still need to put in the work in your off-time. This means a healthy diet, getting good rest, and supplemental exercise. If you skip out on any of these vital elements of fitness, your trainer will see it in your results.
  • Your trainer will ensure you’re not cutting corners during your workout. Sometimes, we’ll decide that eight out of ten reps is ‘good enough’ and call it there, when in reality all you’re doing is cheating yourself. You’re much less likely to cut corners when your fitness coach is personally overseeing your exercises and pushing your limits, leading to faster results.

Choosing a personal trainer

f you’re looking for someone to help keep you accountable to your fitness goals, we can help! At Nova Active Rehab, our team of fitness experts have collective decades of experience in helping people from all walks of life achieve their fitness dreams, using accountability to ensure each client is getting the best possible results. If you have more questions about personal trainers or fitness accountability, or if you’re ready to get started today, don’t hesitate to contact us.