Posture Improvement Package

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Are you experiencing chronic neck, back, or shoulder pain related to your postural habits?

Have you noticed that your neck and back alignment looks different from others? Are the curves in your back more exaggerated or does your spine curve to the side? Is one of your shoulders higher than the other? Is one of your hips higher than the other?

Why worry about posture?

There are some very clear benefits to good posture. These benefits include:

Let us show you how to improve your posture

Let us show you how to improve your posture

Reduce pain with Nova Active Rehab

As you can see, there’s a huge list of benefits to improving your posture, with the number one reason being a reduction in pain. Muscle imbalances contribute to spinal misalignment causing pain. Unfortunately, muscle imbalances can worsen over time.

Our kinesiologists can help identify the muscle imbalances contributing to your posture issues.

Our posture improvement package is designed to help you combat postural related pain. In the first session with an expert kinesiologist, you will get a postural assessment, helping you to identify the root causes of any symptoms you’re experiencing. From there, they will design an exercise program customized to your needs, and teach you your exercise program.

Nova Active Rehab - Posture Improvement Package

What Comes in the Posture Improvement Package

Cost: $243+gst

Perhaps you’ve noticed you have an unusual posture, and it’s causing physical symptoms such as chronic pain, muscle tension, or frequent headaches. Our posture improvement service can help. If you’re ready to get started, or have any more questions about the connection between your posture and your health, please contact us today!