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What Can Kinesiology Help With?


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What is Kinesiology Good For?

Have you heard of kinesiology and wondered if it was something you needed? Look no further as this post will describe what kinesiology can help with and if it is a fit for you! 

Kinesiology can help with a variety of things, including rehabilitating injuries that may have occurred from a motor vehicle accident, sports, or just daily living.  It can also help with fitness or athletic training and mental health. Kinesiology is good for recovering after a surgery.

After A Car Accident

Have you been injured in a car accident? Are experiencing pain, loss of strength or flexibility? A kinesiologist can work with you to achieve your rehabilitation goals and get you back to your normal life (whatever that may look like for you). By starting with basic movement patterns, you can ensure you are training your muscles in a way to prevent further injury and allow your body to learn the correct movement patterns.

Postural Correction

Do you spend all day working at a desk hunched over and typing away? Are you experiencing neck or back pain? Kinesiology can be of a great benefit to you! Kinesiologists can help with showing you the correct set up for your desk to ensure you are in the most ergonomic position. Additionally, it can help with identifying postural imbalances that can be corrected through stretching and strengthening the appropriate muscles that are affected.

Health & Fitness

Need to get back into an exercise routine and want the motivation and knowledge to get you there? Kinesiology can help you with increasing your general strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Based on your current fitness level, a kinesiologist can get you started on your fitness journey without risking injury. A kinesiologist will work with you, to help develop an exercise program to get you moving. They will teach you the correct way to perform exercises that are functional and translate to everyday living.

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Returning To Work

Were you injured and need to get ready to return to a physically demanding job? Kinesiology can help with work conditioning and ensure you are ready to get back to work without risk of further injury. A kinesiologist can help with designing an exercise program that simulates a job task, or target specific body parts that will be used when returning to work. Correct form and techniques will be taught to you to ensure a high level of safety before performing the activities at work.

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Athletic Training

Some kinesiologists specialize in helping athletes to perform at their best. They can design athletic training programs that are unique to the athlete and their athletic goals. For example, the training program for a long distance runner is going to be very different from a kayaker.

Mental Health

Kinesiology can be an amazing tool for helping to improve your mental health. When exercising, your body produces endorphins which are a feel good hormone! As a result, exercising can assist in decreasing depression and stress levels.

After Surgery

It’s normal to require rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery. An exercise therapist can develop an individualized rehab exercise program for someone for has undergone hip or knee surgery, for example. The goal of their program would be to regain strength, flexibility and function.

Many More Applications

Kinesiology can help with other health issues (such as cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis) not mentioned above. As you can see, many different people can benefit from working with a kinesiologist to optimize their health, recover from an injury or enhance their fitness.